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Unformatted text preview: -1- DEPARTMENT OF MAC 1105STUDENT MATHEMATICS Spring Semester 2009SYLLABUSELIGIBILITY:This course is required for students majoring in the sciences or business, and for students in majors who must take courses for which MAC 1105 is a prerequisite, and for students in majors that require MAC 1105 be taken. Students in other majors, and especially those students who are UNDECIDED about their major, should consider taking MGF 1106 or 1107, or waiting one semester before taking a mathematics course. Check with your advisor. Remedial mathematics courses may be required before MAC 1105. (440 ≤SAT math ≤460; 19 ≤ACT math ≤20 State mandated to MAT 1033). In order to have the remediation requirement removed, students in this category must have taken and been placed in MAC 1105 by the SMS test. (Note: The AMP test cannot be used to remove a remediation requirement.) Beginning in Fall 1999, students who are required to take MAT 1033 must earn a C- or better before taking MAC 1105. Students with a weak mathematics background or with math SAT/ACT in the intervals given below should consider taking MAT 1033 before MAC 1105. (470 <SAT math <530; 21 <ACT math <22) This decision needs to be made within the first two weeks of the semester. Consult your advisor. You cannot receive credit for MAC 1105 if you have received credit for MAC 1104, MAC 1140 or MAC x140, or equivalent courses. Students in these categories are eligible for their next mathematics course. Students in this category may audit MAC 1105. Students who have credit for MAC 1102, MAC 1132, MAC x132, or equivalent courses may not take MAC 1105 for full credit. Students in this category may (a) take MAC 1140 or (b) take MAC 1105 for reduced credit of (1) semester hour, Option (b) should be considered only in exceptional cases. It is the student's responsibility to check and prove eligibility. Doubts should be resolved during the Drop-Add period, but students entering after that period must still prove eligibility. Ineligible students will not be permitted to receive credit for the course. AMERICAN DISABILITIES ACT: Students with disabilities needing academic accommodations must: 1) register with and provide documentation to the Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC); and 2) bring a letter to their instructor from SDRC describing the needed academic accommodations. This must be done within the first two weeksof classes. (Your tests and quizzes will not be taken at the SDRC. Students who need only extended time will be accommodated in recitation. However, if you are registered for the latest recitation of the day, then we will ask you to move to an earlier section, if possible. Please discuss this with your lecturer.) LECTURE-RECITATION MODE: This course is taught in the Lecture-Recitation mode....
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This note was uploaded on 02/25/2011 for the course MAC 1105 taught by Professor Everage during the Spring '08 term at FSU.

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