OCE1001 On line syllabus Fall 2008

OCE1001 On line syllabus Fall 2008 - net...

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Elementary Oceanography OCE-1001-4 (On-line Section) Fall 2008 NOTE: This syllabus is a guide to the course and is subject to change. If so, you will be notified via Announcements on the course BlackBoard web site. You are responsible for keeping track of the course schedule and assignment due dates, so check for Announcements frequently. Instructor Office Office Hours Phone EMAIL Prof. Kevin Speer 431 OSB T, Th 3:30-4:30PM 850-645-4846 kspeer@ocean.fsu.edu TAs Kati Gosnell Students Last Name A-H kjg06c@fsu.edu Andrew Kowalczk Students Last Name I-P akowlaczk@magnet.fsu.edu Jun Dong Students Last Name Q-Z dong@ocean.fsu.edu Course Web Site : We will use the FSU Blackboard system available from: http://campus.fsu.edu . The Course Library has “reader” files you can install on your computer so you can read Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. You’ll also find the BBC Blue Planet videos and PowerPoint slide shows for each chapter. Text : A.P. Trujillo and H.V. Thurman, Essentials of Oceanography: 9 th edition, ISBN 0-13-240122-3 (Pearson/Prentice Hall). If you choose not to buy the hardcopy of the text, you can purchase an access code directly from the publisher which will allow you to read the full text electronic version of the textbook online. Go to the e-book link on the course website and follow the procedure to purchase access. We recommend purchasing a hard copy of the textbook if possible. Objectives : To introduce you to the scientific study of the ocean, so that you will have a better appreciation for its role as part of the entire earth/ocean/atmosphere ecosystem, and how it influences our lives. In addition, this course seeks to provide you with an understanding of the scientific process and the role of technology in supporting scientific study. Evaluation/Grading Procedure : Your combined Homework score will count as one exam grade. The Homework, four section exams, and the Final Exam, yields six possible 100% scores, and we drop the lowest score before calculating your grade. In the example below, the student scored well on the Homework and all four section exams, so they could get a “zero” on the final exam, since that would be their lowest score and would therefore be dropped. If you get a low score on a Section Exam, you can raise your grade by getting a better score on the Final Exam. Make-up exams will not be offered . If you miss an exam, thus earning a “0” score, that would be the score we would drop. Because of the wide time window open for exams, neither sickness nor internet access are excuses from an exam; also, it is your responsibility to avoid conflicts with religious holy days. If you get arrested, are hospitalized, CONTACT ONE OF US BY EMAIL BEFORE YOU MISS AN EXAM!! Example:
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OCE1001 On line syllabus Fall 2008 - net...

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