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Extra-Credit Paper The Main Idea: Watch a movie that depicts a psychological disorder and provide an analysis of the movie’s portrayal of the disorder using your critical thinking skills. The goal is for you to think about whether the movie provides an accurate portrayal of the disorder and justify your answer. The paper is due in class by April 17th. Specific instructions: 1. Movie: Pick any movie that portrays a psychological disorder. There are lots out there and you can pick any movie you want as long as you can justify what disorder is being portrayed. Some examples are: As Good As It Gets One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest What About Bob Fatal Attraction When a Man Loves a Woman Finding Forrester Requiem for a Dream A Beautiful Mind Leaving Las Vegas Rainman Girl, Interrupted The only movie you cannot Grading : The first paragraph should name the movie you watched and give a VERY brief synopsis of the film. (.5 points) 2. Google the DSM criteria for the disorder portrayed in the movie. For example, if you watched a
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