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Learning, Memory, Thinking & Language, Intelligence, and Social Psychology PSY 2012 Section 4 Spring 2008 Exam Date: March 25, 2008 (As with the last test, most of this material is covered in the lecture so that might be a good place to start. Much of the lecture material came from the text so if you have questions about a topic, the text would be a good place to supplement the lecture material) As usual, all demos, videos, etc. are fair game. I. Know and be able to apply these learning terms: Classical conditioning :know definition and given an example, be able to apply the following terms: Unconditioned stimulus (UCS) Unconditioned response (UCR) Conditioned stimulus (CS) Conditioned response (CR) The five processes of conditioning (recall that these apply to both classical and operant conditioning) Acquisition Extinction Spontaneous Recovery Generalization Discrimination Reinforcement & punishment - know definitions, types (positive and negative), and be able to differentiate between them primary reinforcers Reinforcement schedules : know the basic definition of each; also, which leads to most responses? Least responses?
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Exam_3_study_guide - Learning, Memory, Thinking &...

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