PHILO215_Peer_Review_Worksheet - Questions(1 Can you easily...

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PHILO 215: Peer Review Worksheet Information Your name: Name of classmate whose draft you reviewed: Guidelines Use this worksheet to evaluate your classmate’s draft for the midterm and final papers. Please read your classmate’s draft and then write your answers to the questions below. Save the document in Microsoft Word format (.doc) or in Compatibility Mode if you’re using a new version of Microsoft Office, and email a copy to your classmate as well as to [email protected] by the due date. Evaluate your classmate’s draft based on the clarity of the thesis and quality of the arguments. Be critical but be polite and generous. Give your classmate options. Remarks like “Good,” “Interesting,” and “I wouldn’t change anything” don’t help. Focus on constructive comments that will help your classmate improve his or her essay.
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Unformatted text preview: Questions (1) Can you easily identify the paper’s thesis? What is the thesis? Does the thesis need revision or focus? (2) Is the thesis well supported? That is, does every paragraph in the paper clearly and obviously support the thesis? If not, which paragraphs are irrelevant or should be revised? Which paragraphs, if any, undermine or contradict the thesis? 1 Peer Review Worksheet (3) Has the author provided examples or quotations from the relevant texts in order to illustrate each point made? Point to any paragraphs that seem too short and might need further development. (4) What is the essay’s greatest strength? (5) What is the essay’s major weakness? How should the author avoid this weakness? Do you have any suggestions for improvement? (6) Which points would you like to see developed in more detail? 2 Peer Review Worksheet...
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PHILO215_Peer_Review_Worksheet - Questions(1 Can you easily...

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