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1 Presentation Guidelines PHILO 215: Presentation Guidelines Overview You will be responsible for presenting in class on one of the thinkers listed below. Each presentation should be approximately 10 minutes long. These presentations are designed to accomplish two goals: 1. Provide us with accurate background about the thinker in question, so that we can appreciate the historical and intellectual context in which the ideas in question emerged. 2. Help you engage actively with the material, improve your research and writing skills, and sharpen you public speaking skills. Please choose one thinker from the following list : (This schedule is tentative and subject to change. Changes will be announced in class and on Bb.) Thinker Student’s Name Tentative Dates Ptolemy 02/03 Copernicus 02/03 Kepler 02/03 Galileo 02/03 Aristotle 02/08 Francis Bacon 02/08 Rene Descartes 02/10 Euclid 02/10 Marine Mersenne 02/24 Antoine Arnauld 02/24 Pierre Gassendi 02/24 Thomas Hobbes 03/01 Baruch Spinoza 03/03 Christiaan Huygens 03/15
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2 Presentation Guidelines G. W. Leibniz 03/15 Democritus 03/17 Voltaire 03/22 Epicurus 03/22 Isaac Newton 03/24 Samuel Clarke 03/31 Robert Boyle 04/05 John Locke 04/07 Robert Hooke 04/14 The Royal Society of London 04/14 George Berkeley 04/28 David Hume 05/05 Guidelines Practice and rehearse to make sure that you are familiar with your material and that your presentation will fall within the specified time limitations. I encourage you to use visual aids (e.g., handouts, PowerPoint slides, and other media),
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PHILO215_Presentation_Guidelines - PHILO 215 Presentation...

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