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Unformatted text preview: Write a 500 word essay on the reasons why you would do a drug assissted (RSI) Intubation. Put in your essay the type patients that would benefit from this procedure. Drug assisted intubation or RSI 1. Trauma patients with Glasgow Coma Scale of nine or less with gag reflex. 2. Trauma patients with significant facial trauma and poor airway control. 3. Closed head injury or major stroke with unconsciousness. 4. Burn patients with airway involvement and inevitable airway loss. 5. Respiratory exhaustion such as severe asthma, CHF or COPD with hypoxia. 6. Overdoses with altered mental status where loss of airway is inevitable. There are several indications in which usage of RSI procedures could mean the life and death of your patient. One of the most important things to remember when using RSI on a patient is that upon administration of the paralytic agents, you are solely responsible for breathing for that individual. Some of the most common indications for administration of RSI procedures would be trauma patients with...
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