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ITLS Treatment of Bad Patients

ITLS Treatment of Bad Patients - This weeks lecture series...

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This week’s lecture series addressed some of the most difficult situations that a paramedic may be faced with when providing care to trauma patients. Those include elderly patients, pregnant patients, and those under the influence of drugs including alcohol. Finally one of the most pivotal videos was what to base your decision on when deciding whether or not to attempt cardiopulmonary resuscitation. When treating elderly patients, it is essential for the provider to remember that it takes much less trauma to critically injure a geriatric patient than it does an average adult. This is because their reactivity times are decreased; many have bone deterioration and osteoporosis, as well as their mental acuity is drastically decreased. Not only do they have several physiological process that aid in the difficulty of treating elderly patients such as those listed above but they also are often taking large quantities of medications which can make
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