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National Academy of Emergency Disptach Protocols

National Academy of Emergency Disptach Protocols - Write a...

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Write a 500 word Essay on the National Academy of Emergency Disptach Protocols. I would like to know the history of EMD and the history of the NAED protocols. The history of emergency medical dispatchers shows that their development and position came about out of necessity following the creation of the 911 system. In 1957, the National Association of Fire Chiefs concluded that there needed to be a formal system for reporting fires; as a result the 911 system was created. Ten years later, the President’s Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice decided that 911 could function as a public safety emergency which citizens could use to get in touch with fire and police. Throughout this time, the ambulance service was mainly provided through private agencies and the patient or patient’s family would have to call the operator and be transferred to the local ambulance service for transport. In the late 60s early 70s, emergency dispatchers began to include
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  • National Academy of Emergency Disptach Protocols, Dr. Jeff Clawson, Emergency Disptach Protocols, emergency medical dispatchers, widely recognized protocols

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