Chp 8 & 9 Quiz A&P

Chp 8 & 9 Quiz A&P - Marks:1

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Marks: 1 Put the parts of a reflex pathway in the correct order from start to finish. Sensory receptor detects a pin prick                       Motor neuron of the spinal cord detects the signal                       Message is transmitted to the interneurons                       Signal is sent to the muscle of the arm to contract                       Sensory neuron carries information to the spinal cord                       Correct Marks for this submission: 1/1. Question 2 Marks: 1 The image shows a picture of a typical neuron. Identify the parts shown.  You may wish to consult your Chapter 8 Resources folder for assistance. Node of Ranvier                                                                Initial segment of trigger zone                                                                Dendrites                                                                Myelin sheath                                                                Axon                                                                Axon hillock of trigger zone                                                                Nucleus                                                                Schwann cells                                                                Synaptic knobs                                                                Axon collateral                                                                Direction of signal transmission                                                                Internodes                                                               
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Terminal arborization                                                                Soma                                                                Nucleolus                                                                Correct Marks for this submission: 1/1. Question
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Chp 8 & 9 Quiz A&P - Marks:1

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