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Anthropology 005 Introduction to Physical Anthropology Problem Set # 7: 1. Human evolution might represent a single lineage of ancestor-descendant species, or the story might be more complex. What kinds of evidence can you bring to bear in addressing this matter? Fossil records and knowledge of primate and human behavior today can reveal a sufficient amount of information regarding the ancestry of humans and their hominins. The cooling trend theory and the shift from a forest habitat to a savannah habitat resulted in significant selective pressures that would force adaptations in the species’ preceding humans that can be accounted for via skeletal morphology. These adaptations and changes include: bipedality, larger skulls, locomotive behaviors, dentition, and material culture. Overlap between genera. There are coexisting species during common time periods. 2. This question is about bipedalism. A. When did it evolve in the hominin lineage? Bipedalism evolved in the hominin lineage roughly 7 million years ago. human and chimps share most recent common ancestor 7 million years ago; bipedalism is the first derived characteristic of human hominins. B. How can it be recognized in the fossil record? Bipedality can be recognized in the fossil record through head placement, foramen magnum location, and the angles at which knees and hips are connected. You can also look at toes. Variations of morphologies. C. What selection pressures might have favored it? The cooling trend and dramatic environmental changes are selective pressures that have favored
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Anthro_PS7 - Anthropology 005 Introduction to Physical...

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