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Anthropology 5 Introduction to Physical Anthropology Problem Set #3 1. Let’s think about the evolutionary process in molecular genetic terms. Remember that the prerequisites for natural selection are: (1) heritable (2) variation that (3) affects reproduction. A. Alleles are the variants that natural selection is ultimately choosing among; how do these variants differ at the molecular level? There are dominant alleles and there are recessive alleles. There are several possible combinations of alleles that can produce a vast distribution of traits. Also the dominance relationships among alleles affect the resulting phenotype. B. How is it that these variants are transmitted to offspring? Each parent will pass on one of each chromosome to their offspring and through the process of recombination- during which the chromosome pairs will make copies of themselves, cross over, and exchange portions of their genetic information- the offspring will contain chromosomes that each contain genes from both parents. C. How do these variants arise in the first place? Variants arise initially because of combinations and relationships that occur, such as dominance and recessive relationships. There are also factors like mutation that play a significant role. D. What effect does recombination have on this variation?
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Anthro_PS3 - Anthropology 5 Introduction to Physical...

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