Critique-Euthanasia - Should euthanasia be legalized? Name:...

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Should euthanasia be legalized? Name: Koh Ting Yang Tutor: Mr. Victor Cole Class: E08 In “Euthanasia” (2008), Willke advocates that all forms of euthanasia should not be legalized. She reasons firstly that euthanasia, intended as a solution for exceptional cases has become a routine. She justifies that euthanasia, like abortion, has hinged for social and economic reasons, as did in Germany and Holland. Secondly, the writer argues that major medical advancements can provide the means to prevent death from occurring and also, most doctors and physicians are capable of managing dying patients. Thus, she believes that the perception of patients who are suffering and dying is no longer valid. Although these reasons seem logical, the writer has not taken into account that the experience of Holland may not apply to other countries. Additionally, doubts can be raised over the capabilities of physicians in the management of dying patients. Willke predicts that euthanasia will become a routine in other countries by drawing from experience in Holland. However, she has overlooked the many significant medical and legal differences between Holland and other countries. In particular, “under the Dutch health care system, there is no financial incentive to abuse euthanasia” (Goodman, 1997). Additionally, almost all residents in Holland are insured for all medical expenses, including the costs of long-term illness. (Battin, 1994, p.140). Hence, even if the guidelines for euthanasia in the Netherlands are ineffective, it is imperative that other countries acknowledge the distinct differences that will set to cause varying results should euthanasia be legalized.
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Furthermore, in her arguments which relate the experience of the German euthanasia programme, the writer suggests that euthanasia is a tool which can be widely exploited
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Critique-Euthanasia - Should euthanasia be legalized? Name:...

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