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Fallacies_workbin - to prison for negligence Hence EG1413...

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WORKBIN EXERCISE ON FALLACIES ( Answers will be available next week) Identify the types of fallacies in the following: 1) All students who show up late to 8.00 a.m. classes for EG1413 are irresponsible party animals who fail to ensure they get enough sleep. 2) Either you love EG1413 and pass with flying colours, or you hate it and fail. 3) Failing EG1413 is no big deal. I failed my driving test 3 times before I passed. 4) If you fail EG1413 no employer will want to hire you and you will spend the rest of your life raking through rubbish bins for discarded sandwiches. 5) EG1413 is a demanding module for elite students. Only the best need apply. 6) Since EG1413 was introduced in the year 2000, no engineers have been sent
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Unformatted text preview: to prison for negligence. Hence, EG1413 acts as a professional safety net. 7) Students like EG1413 because it is a hugely enjoyable module. 8) You have to let me take EG1413 this semester or I will have an unbearable workload next semester. 9) Last semester one student said that EG1413 is a waste of time. This student’s idea of time well spent is playing with his Game Boy, thus we should not take his criticism to heart. 10) Changing EG1413’s status from a core module to an elective will result in more engineers graduating who can’t think and more structures such as bridges collapsing as a result. 10...
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