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Answer Key to ‘In Defense of Piracy (Well, Some Piracy)’ Main Claim/Conclusion: It’s all right to practice mp3 piracy but only in certain circumstances / it’s all right to download popular top-40 singles from major record labels. Reasons: 1. The advertising frenzy induces consumers to buy soundtracks more than they really want to. 2. It is senseless to buy a whole CD when you only want only one of the songs on it, as the CD is expensive and the quality is not always ensured to be good; in fact, it is usually substandard. 3. Downloading mp3 songs has nothing to do with ethics. 4. Alternatives to mp3 piracy are not ideal: selection of songs on buyable mp3s is small and it is still expensive for the sub-standard quality it is formatted in, compared to a CD. Criticism/Critique: 1. Ruben’s conclusion is careless, as piracy, like theft, cannot be rationalized. So saying it is all right “in certain circumstances” is like saying theft, in some cases, is right. 2.
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