In_Defense_of_Piracy - InDefenseofPiracy(Well,SomePiracy)...

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In Defense of Piracy (Well, Some Piracy)                                                     by  Matthew Ruben Let me first say that I respect intellectual property rights, and I don't believe anyone should be downloading entire mp3-encoded albums from Hotline servers. My defense of piracy is far more narrow and specific: I think it's okay to download popular, Top-40 singles from major record labels. My reasoning can be summed up in one word: Hype. Through television, magazines, movies, and the internet, we are bombarded with advertising to a degree unprecedented in human history. We are exposed to music advertising through "synergy" marketing and "tie-in" campaigns. You can't watch a movie on video anymore without seeing an ad for the soundtrack. Television shows like "Beverly Hills 90210" have for years used the last couple of minutes of each episode to sell records for artists whose songs are heard on the show. Music artists do advertising for The Gap. There are dozens -- hundreds -- more tie-in promotions any of us could recall off the top of our heads. And increasingly these tie-ins have no reason for existence. Really, what on earth does a Jimmy Page/Puff Daddy take-off on "Kashmir" have to do with a movie about Godzilla? Nothing -- an assessment shared by the film's director, who relegated the song to the credit sequence. So what does all this have to do with piracy? The fact of the matter is that the marketing of Top-40 music has nothing to do with the high-falutin' principles behind the intellectual property rights argument. Music marketing hype is about getting us to buy records we
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In_Defense_of_Piracy - InDefenseofPiracy(Well,SomePiracy)...

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