Links_-_Nanotech - Nanotech: The Unknown Risks

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Nanotech: The Unknown Risks IVF and selective abortion IVF (in vitro fertilisation) is a medical procedure used to help some infertile couples. A woman's ovaries are stimulated to produce multiple eggs which are fertilised with her partner's sperm. This produces several fertilised embryos, some of which are placed in her womb, and the others are frozen for possible later use. Two ethical problems then arise: because several embryos are implanted to increase the chance of a successful pregnancy, multiple births can occur. Some couples chose selective reduction instead - the destruction of some of the embryos early in the pregnancy - either because they don't want so many children, or in order to improve the survival chances of the other embryos. if the stored embryos are eventually removed from storage and disposed of, this could be regarded as abortion. Some legislation under discussion in the USA (e.g. the Texas 'Prenatal Protection Act') would make such disposal an unlawful killing except under restricted circumstances. Eye drops not needed for lenses developed in S'pore New product could help deliver medication directly to eyes to treat ailments like glaucoma By Serene Luo
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Eye drops not needed for lenses developed in S'pore xtchannel=cf70758920e39010VgnVCM1000000a35010aRCRD Research team leader Edwin Chow says the new lenses could also act as replacements to the damaged ones of cataract sufferers. -- ST FILE PHOTO RESEARCHERS here have developed self-lubricating contact lenses that do away with the need for eye drops. Made from a special material containing tiny channels to release substances slowly, they
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Links_-_Nanotech - Nanotech: The Unknown Risks

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