Sources for euthansia - Irrational to opt for euthanasia?

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Irrational to opt for euthanasia? [ the-right-to-self-determination/] Life can be devastating when one is suffering from paralysis or from an incurable or agonizing disease for which there is no hope of recovery or amelioration. Some people may consider it pointless to continue living if they are in such conditions and are critically dependent on others for physical assistance on a day to day basis. In such a scenario the patient can see himself/herself as a liability to others and hence can feel demoralized. Being immobile or in a vegetative state is definitely one of the worst downsides of being alive, whether one is young or old. A lethal injection seems to be a far cleaner, more efficient way to go than starving oneself to death, or jumping, say, from a building if the illness is one that does not affect the patient’s mobility but nevertheless is incurable and painful to him, physically and mentally. Dr Herbert Hendin, medical director of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, has studied euthanasia in the Netherlands. He notes that "what was intended as a solution for exceptional cases has become a routine way of dealing with terminal cases. The Netherlands
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Sources for euthansia - Irrational to opt for euthanasia?

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