February 2 - it o Vascular continuous(from roots to top of...

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February 2 Cuticle: wax, hydrophobic, waterproof surface Stomata: openings in cuticle in epidermal layer, allow/regulate gas exchange Vascular system to bring water up to plants and distribute sugars and fats o Root system: allow uptake of water and nutrients from soil Sessile: can’t move Mobile or Motile: moving Plants don’t get water through leaves or stems Shoot system: anything above ground Apical bud and axillary bud: come out of stem CO2 absorbed through leaves and makes sugar Tissue types: NEED TO BE ABLE TO IDENTIFY o Dermal: coating the outside of the plant, continuous Protection, closely packed cells, have pores for gas exchange Cuticle secreted from shoot system part of dermal Not photosynthetic except for guard cells in stoma Root hair: makes more surface area to suck up water Trichomes: stick out on leaves to stop animals from eating
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Unformatted text preview: it o Vascular: continuous (from roots to top of plant) Lignin : in plant cell walls, gives plant rigidity and strength, keeps xylem tubes open Stem: ground tissue in middle, vascular tissue on side Root: vascular tissues in middle Between Xylem (carrying water, cells dead at maturity) and Phloem (carrying sugars, alive at maturity) there is a layer of dividing cells that allows plant to grow Tracheid : specialized type of xylem, tubular Phloem : alive, sieve tube members and companion cell • Sieve tube : each one has own companion cell, empty because packed to brim with sugar o Ground: workhorses Palisade mesophyll: do all the photosynthesis is ground tissue o Meristematic: undergoing cell division, its growing...
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February 2 - it o Vascular continuous(from roots to top of...

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