February 4 - Water has properties of cohesion, attract...

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February 4 Monday 12:50 to 1:30 = review=Bailey 207 Meristematic Tissues Root apical meristem Shoot apical meristem Responsible for PRIMARY growth: getting taller but SECONDARY growth is getting wider Indeterminate: grow their whole lives Plant Transport Water Transport and Xylem (different shapes and sizes, very diverse, don’t need to know types, has secondary cell walls reinforced with lignin, dead at maturity) o Conducting Cells o Water Potential (tendency of water to move from low concentration to high concentration of solute) Drives Transport (osmotic potential, measures in pascals) Solute potential is the tendency of water to move by osmosis If cell is placed in pure water its solute potential is low relative to its surroundings (negative potential in, 0 on outside), water then moves into cell via osmosis Open container at sea level = 0 pascals Add solutes to water, lower waters potential= -.15 Turgor pressure : keep plant cell from bursting Turgid cell : stiff cell
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Unformatted text preview: Water has properties of cohesion, attract water molecules below them, as they evaporate tug on molecules behind them that are from higher water potential Capillarity: water molecules as surface pulled down by hydrogen bond and water molecules at bottom pulled up o Root Uptake and Selectivity Outside air has lower potential than air spaces in leaf then gets higher in cell walls then the trunk xylem then root system then soil Water travels from root hairs to xylem via two routes Apoplastic route: water moves around cell walls Symplastic route: travels from cell to cell inside the cells through plasmodesmata Endodermis (outside vascular tissues in main root) : acts as a sentry, preventing stuff that is unwanted from plant, getting into plan, called the Casparian strip blocks the apoplastic route • Makes water go into a cell and then cross o Transpirational Forces o Control of Water Loss • Sucrose Transport in Phloem...
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February 4 - Water has properties of cohesion, attract...

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