February 16 - o Acts in bone marrow to stimulate production...

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February 16 In capillary beds: the beds are only a few cells away from the capillaries making for easy diffusion Large respiratory surface Bohr Effect: under higher pH conditions hemoglobin binds to oxygen with greater affinity, increase pH-decrease acidity Band III protein Symporter: brings in and pushes out two different things at the same time Oxygen is found in the hemoglobin in the red blood cells-can bind more oxygen if in cells Erythropoietin-EPO o Hormone made by certain fibroblasts in kidney
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Unformatted text preview: o Acts in bone marrow to stimulate production of red blood cells o Production and secretion induced by LOW oxygen concentration • Clotting: 1 st : if endothelium is damaged platelets adhere to the exposed connective tissue, 2 nd platelets form a plug helped by vitamin k and calcium which make up plasma and damaged cells----they make prothrombin to thrombin to fibrinogen to fibrin, 3 rd Seal I reinforced by a clot of fibrin...
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  • red blood cells, LOW oxygen concentration, higher pH conditions, Large respiratory surface, blood cells-can bind

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