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February 18 Ch. 41-animal form and function and tissue types and ch.44-up to today Open Circulatory System: usually sedentary (sessile), ex. Clams Closed Circulatory System: can be more energetic, predatory lifestyle Fish: 2-chambered heart Mammals; 4-chambered heart, 2 circuit system o Pulmonary circuit= Right side of heart Blood returns to heart from body, enters right atrium Blood enters right ventricle Blood is pumped from right ventricle to lungs o Systemic circuit: Left side of heart Blood returns to left atrium from lungs Blood enters left ventricle
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Unformatted text preview: Blood is pumped from left ventricle to body o Sinoatrial node in right atrium (contraction begins here) goes to AV Node in right atrium goes to bundles in walls of ventricles Veins and arteries differ in structure o Artery: has thicker fibrous tissue and muscle tissue o Arterials: smaller versions of arteries o Capillaries: action occurs here, gas-nutrient exchange Ch 41: 803-816 Connective tissue: Loose: serves as packing material between organs or under skin Ch 41: 816-820 Ch 44: 861-874 Ch 44: 874-883...
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