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January 12 Allosteric Regulation Regulator attached and active site is closed Coupled Reaction Need a molecule that has some stored chemical energy: o ATP: Adenosine Triphosphate Short term energy storage Has 3 phosphate groups and high free energy Adding more substrate increases rate of reactions Carbohydrates Carbon and –OH and hydrogen Glucose and Galactose are both 6-carbon sugar= hexose Monosaccharides: carb monomers Anabolic reaction: condensation reaction (dehydration synthesis)
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Unformatted text preview: • Polysaccharides differ in structure o Unbranched helix or branched helix • Glycogen: starch for animals, energy source, stored and made in liver • Cellulose: structural polysaccharide, components of cell walls in plants and algae • Chitin: stiffens the cell walls in fungi, most arthropods • Peptidoglycan: bacterial cell walls • Glycoprotein: sticks outward from cell, help cells identify themselves...
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