3 - o Hypothesis-based science begins with OBSERVATIONS...

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Darwin and Wallace not first to propose “descent with modification” but first to propose mechanism Natural Selection o Population must be variable All different o Variants must have differential reproductive success (fitness) Some organisms can produce better then the next generation will be more successful like their parent at reproduction Artificial Selection o Breeding dogs o Selecting character traits you want Natural selection has led to diverse life forms o Animals, Plants and Bacteria and prokaryotes-without nucleus Domains of Life: Bacteria, Archaea, Eukarya (with nucleaus), Extremophiles (archaea-live in extreme conditions) RNA- information molecule, nucleic acid in all living cells Biological Science o Descriptive Science: describe scientific finding and compare, sometimes used to make a hypothesis o Hypothesis-based Science: hypothesis- tentative answer to a question (make predictions) Must Be: Testable, Falsifiable o Scientists use “if…then” logic to test hypotheses
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Unformatted text preview: o Hypothesis-based science begins with OBSERVATIONS Alternative Hypothesis o Hypothesis: testable explanation of an observation o GET REST FROM ONLINE Properties of Living Organisms o Order (Organization): molecules are specifically organized, ect. o Reproduction: If no reproduction then species can’t carry on o Response to Environmental Stimuli o Evolutionary Adaptation: Population adapting to an environment, decreasing bad genes and increasing good genes o Metabolism o Homeostasis: maintaining equilibrium in everything: amount of water, blood pressure, and sugar levels ect. Hierarchy of Organization: o Atomic and Molecular levels, Cellular level, Tissue level, Organ level, System level and Organism level Homeostasis o Homeostatic mechanism- a balance between opposing actions, fulcrum in center o Can be disrupted by too much input on one side o Balance restored by moving fulcrum back to center...
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3 - o Hypothesis-based science begins with OBSERVATIONS...

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