bio 101-review I

bio 101-review I - mono and polysaccharides a Energy...

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Review Sheet---Test I---BIO 101-01 Hypothesis testing Properties of living organisms Homeostasis (negative feedback) Regulation of blood [glucose] with insulin/glucagon—pancreatic islet cells Sensors Integrators Effectors SPONCH Elements Electronegativity and Bonding (types and strengths) Functional groups on macromolecules Properties of Water pH scale Macromolecules (formation/breakdown) (anabolism/catabolism) 1. Proteins: levels of organization Different functions of proteins (receptors, antibodies, structural, etc.) Endergonic/exergonic rxns. (anabolic/catabolic) G=free energy in reactants/products Enzyme function and inhibition (competitive/non-competitive) Allosteric regulation 2. Carbohydrates:
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Unformatted text preview: mono- and polysaccharides a. Energy storage b. Structural (different kinds) 3. Lipids a. steroids b. triglycerides=fats (E storage) c. phospholipids Fluid Mosaic model of cell membrane Membrane permeability---gases, ions, monomers Transport: a. active transport (Na/K pump) b. passive transport simple diffusion facilitated diffusion osmosis (diffusion of water) Prokaryotic/Eukaryotic cells Nucleus Ribosomes Internal membrane system rER sER Golgi apparatus (bodies) Vesicles Protein transport rER---Golgi---vesicles---final destination Cytoskeleton Microfilaments Microtubules Energy transformation organelles---Endosymbiotic theory Mitochondria Chloroplasts...
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bio 101-review I - mono and polysaccharides a Energy...

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