review sheet-exam 2

review sheet-exam 2 - Glycolysis citric acid (Krebs,...

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Glycolysis citric acid (Krebs, TCA)cycle oxidative phosphorylation: electron transport and chemiosmosis glucose-glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate-pyruvate fermentation pyruvate-acetyl coA oxaloacetate-citrate succinate-fumarate Know your ATP/NADH counts for each stage of glucose oxidation Mitochondrial structure and how electron transport works ATP synthase Chloroplast structure pigments, chlorophyll a action and absorption spectra, Engelmann’s experiment Photosystems I and II light harvesting complex reaction centers (containing P680 and P700) cyclic and non-cyclic electron flow Calvin cycle—carbon fixation, reduction, regeneration) glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate, rubisco, ribulose bisphosphate Angiosperms organs of terrestrial plants Tissue types Meristematic Dermal Vascular (lots different cell types, specialized) Ground Cell types meristematic (undifferenctiated) ground “workhorses” support (lignin) xylem- tracheids, vessel elements phloem- sieve tube members, and companion cells This list of topics and terms is, by no means, exhaustive. Exam questions can (and probably will) include references to other terminology.
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review sheet-exam 2 - Glycolysis citric acid (Krebs,...

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