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test 1-bio 101-w09 - Biology 101-Test 1 26 January 2009...

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Biology 101-Test 1 26 January 2009 Name: ___________________________________ Part I. Write the word TRUE or FALSE in the space provided. (2 points each) _______ For a protein to have tertiary structure, it must be composed of 3 or more polypeptide chains. _______ In liquid water, ionic covalent bonds form between adjacent water molecules. _______ Disulfide bonds can stabilize the secondary structure of a protein. _______ When mitochondria are no longer functional, they are digested in the peroxisomes. _______ Phospholipids contain two fatty acid chains. _______ Cholesterol is an important constituent of chloroplasts. _______ The sex hormones, estrogen and testosterone can cross the cell membrane. _______ The nucleus of a eukaryotic cell is surrounded by a single membrane _______ Enzyme function is dependent on the 3-dimensional structure of the enzyme _______ Hydrogen bonds are weak and can be broken by thermal energy, yet they contribute significantly to the specificity or interactions between macromolecules. Multiple Choice : Circle your answer HERE on the question sheets and also on the answer sheet that is provided. (3 points each) 11. Why are polymerization reactions endergonic? A. They reduce entropy. B. They release heat, making the reactant monomers move faster. C. Because the condensation and hydrolysis reactions are equally spontaneous. D. Because polymers are energetically more stable and have lower potential energy than monomers. 12. Which of the following involves an increase in entropy? A. hydrolysis
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test 1-bio 101-w09 - Biology 101-Test 1 26 January 2009...

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