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Anti-hero Case - octagon a potent species of Brazilian dex...

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the perspective is always that of the oppressed or the punk, anti-hero of  the oppressed. Why Case is an anti-hero? He’s addicted to drugs, no money and a criminal/hacker He is an outcast from the hacker world because of the mycotoxin Thrown from one criminal world into another Pg.7- “Case washed down the night’s first pill with a double espresso. It was a flat pink
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Unformatted text preview: octagon, a potent species of Brazilian dex he bought from one of Zone’s girls.” He also talks about being involved in crime in Chiba and killing people ect. He’s suicidal as well. Heros in the face of danger display courage. When Case is in danger the night he is being chased instead of facing his pursuer (on pg. 18) he jumps out a window from fear....
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