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Cybercultures Essay 1 Options Essay Length: 4 pages. Please follow the formatting and citations rules of the MLA citation index, listed in Diana Hacker’s A Pocket Style Manual . Essay Due: Monday 24 th January (print version in class, electronic version to [email protected] ) Please write an essay on one of the following: 1. To what extent does William Gibson’s cyberpunk novel Neuromance r construct a dystopic vision of a cyber-controlled future world? Take a position and support it with evidence from the novel. 2. “The dream of cyberculture is to leave the ‘meat’ behind and to become instilled in a clean, pure, uncontaminated relationship with technology” (Lupton, “The Embodied Computer/User, 424). Examine the role of the body in William Gibson’s Neuromancer . Overall, to what extent does the novel subscribe to the
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Unformatted text preview: ‘dream’ of the possibility of a disembodied existence? Take a position and support it with evidence from the novel. 3. Cyborg bodies manifest themselves in many different ways in William Gibson’s Neuromancer . After examining the different constructions of cyborgs in the novel, make a case as to why Gibson created such a diversity of forms. It is important in your essays to quote directly from the text and do focused close readings of chosen key passages. Every key point you make in your essay must be supported by close analysis of the text. Always define your terms in your introduction, not in terms of a dictionary definition, but rather how you interpret or are reading key terms in the question. Example of key terms: 1. dystopic vision 2. body, disembodied existence 3. cyborg...
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