Cyborg Manifesto

Cyborg Manifesto - devastating political consequence (42)...

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Main Arguments Arguing against totalizing theories that want to define human existence in terms of universalizing truths or meanings o Eg. Versions of feminism and Marxism Ethical piece-how to think and write about social change and equality in contemporary age of late capitalism and new technologies? Figure of the cyborg=non-unitary self Symbol of difference in connection, which can extend to human relation with other humans, nature and animals An Iconic Dream Description of cyborg figure Contradictory, boundary blurring and ironic Fractured Identities Argument against main narratives of radical feminism and socializing Too totalizing Alternative theory which brings them together “Silence about among white radical and socialist feminist was one major,
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Unformatted text preview: devastating political consequence (42) The Informatics of Domination Haraway describes the contemporary world Reliance on new technologies Feminist needs to engage with this The Homework Economy Contemporary world has many gender inequalities How can we bring change in the spirit of difference? Woman in the Integrated Circuit Use the image of the circuit Make it relevant to womens lives Network-different women in connection with each other throughout the world Cyborgs: A Myth The cyborg/ network brings us out of the realm of dualistic thought Opens up space for multiple equal difference Her focus is on gender. But also applies to race, sexuality and class Many rather than the one...
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