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Section 1 Dualism-the state or condition consisting of two parts Section 2 Differences among women are not taken into consideration with radical feminism and their isn’t a unified “we” among women. Epistemology: how we know what we know Section 3 Epistemology w/ dualism: Incorporating what we know and how we know it in respect to the differences between two polar opposites. Section 4 Feminization: to be made extremely vulnerable Changing what we know (epistemology) by disrupting the idea of dualism by bringing polar opposites together.
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Unformatted text preview: Connecting femininity and masculinity. We chose coalition as the keyword of our section. Coalition is the growing together of parts. She says that there is no longer much of a division between the public and private spaces. Technology brings those two together. The different parts or the social spheres of women’s lives are coming together and enforced through technology. Creating a network....
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