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Lab Report-Photosynthesis photosynthesis lab report Photosynthesis Lab Report: due Feb 23 by 11:59pm to You will use TWO sources of data for your lab report, and you will have TWO figures. 1) The averages for the curve of relative photosynthetic rate vs [CO 2 ]. These were taken from Wednesday and Thursday labs and from two labs in fall term. Data are directly below these instructions. 2) You will use the data from your own experiment where you looked at relative photosynthetic rate vs. light intensity. This will be an xy scatter plot with the points connected by smooth lines. The directions for doing this kind of graph are in your lab manual, and are a little different on the Mac and Windows versions of Excel. The format will be exactly the same as with your first lab report so make sure you follow that format and read my comments on your report on Turnitin, using the Grademarks icon . More details: Double space Clearly indicate your section headings Cover page please. Title!
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This should be specific. What was your expriment about--light intensity? two sets of plants grown under two different conditions? Introduction : GENERAL to SPECIFIC Something general about photosynthesis, which you can get from your textbook (paraphrase, cite, and don't use quotes); this should be just a few sentences. You might mention the basic inputs for photosynthesis, for example (light, CO2, water and
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Photosythesis Lab - Lab Report-Photosynthesis...

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