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Chap 5 1- He can acquire a patent of his invention once that a copyright has the same monopolistic as a patent or trademark, but it diverges in that it applies exclusively to works of art, literature and other works of authorship, therefore, obtaining a patent would be his option. 2- Yes, he committed an infringement of pattern, because it may occur even though the patent owner has not put the patented product in commerce. It occurs also even though not all features or parts of an invention are copied. 3- Yes, he granted since a license can be read as an agreement permitting the use
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Unformatted text preview: of the trademark, copyright, patent, or trade secret for limited purposes, and in this case, it is the purpose of Fox manufactures the product of Navin. 4-Navin should make a Trademark of his product, which is a distinctive mark, motto, device, or emblem that a manufacturer stamps, prints, or otherwise affixes to the goods it produces so that they may be recognized on the market and their origins made known. By making a trademark, Navin would be safe because who uses a trademark is protect by law that nobody can copy it....
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