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Under "CRITICAL THINKING AND WRITING ASSIGNMENTS, 8.11 Video  Question" on page 269, answer all of the questions. Use the link on our Moodle  page, not the link suggested in the text. 1- No, the contract in this case cannot be voidable. Besides the fact that the pumbler had two drinks before agreeing to take on the pumbling job, he was not intoxicated enough. According to the text, to cancel a contract due to intoxication, the person should be sufficiently intoxicated to lack mental capacity, which was not his case, once, for example, he left driving his car, proving that he was not mentally incapacitated. 2- No, the contract would not be enforceable because if the purpose of the license
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Unformatted text preview: is to protect the public from unauthorized practitioners, a contract involving an unlicensed individual is illegal and unenforceable. 3-If the contract is contrary to public policy, and since the pumbler seemed to be in a rush, giving him no time to talk about the contract, and also said to Walter for him to give a $ 5,000 check right then “before he changes his mind”, Walter can argue that it was an unconscionable contract because one part (Walter), as a result of disproportionate bargaining power, was forced to accept terms that are unfairly burdensome and that unfairly benefit the dominating party....
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