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Sofia Medeiros Dr. Pressley BUS 331 10/05/09 Under "CRITICAL THINKING AND WRITING ASSIGNMENTS 10.11 Video  Question" on pages 322-323, answer all of the questions. Again, use the link  provided on our Moodle, not the one suggested by the text.  1- The key term factor in determining whether a particular term in an online agreement is enforceable is wheather the reasonable contract in party would have expected the term or unlike it. 2- Generally the law does not require that all parties of a contract must actually have read all of its terms for the contract to be effective. In the case of accepting the download of a software from the internet (even though you know that such agreements often contain forum-selection and arbitration clauses), and in the future this software causes harm to your computer system, the term is
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Unformatted text preview: enforceable because it is a term that should be reasonably expected in an online contract, since the internet is a network used by people from the whole world, therefore, if the law of Nigeria or any other country controls, it should not be a surprise. 3-Yes, E-contracts are just like paper contracts, people sign agreements that they didn’t have fully understood or even read, so the courts today tend to recognized this back by holding that you are only bounded by the those terms that you have actually a reasonable notice of it. The arguments that can be made for and against enforcing a choice-of-law clause in an online contract are that just like a paper contract, the adult who clicks on “I agree” or “I accept” is presumed to have read and agreed to the contract’s terms....
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