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final assignment - Sofia Medeiros BUS 331 Dr Pressley...

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Sofia Medeiros BUS 331 Dr. Pressley 10/20/09 Please read for understanding Chapters 1 through 13 chapter summaries. Indicate to me with a simple confirmation that you did so. This assignment will count as all others toward your final grade. To simply provide a proof of my understanding of the chapters 1 through 13, I will bring up the general ideia of each chapter, and if necessary, point out the most important mentions. Chapter one is an introducing chapter, talking about the historical and constitutional foundations. The chapter explains sources of American Law such as Constitutional, Statutory and Administrative. It also classifies the law as Civil x Criminal, and National x International. But the most important information on the chapter is the explanation of the Bill of Rights, which represents the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution, and also, the text shows its relation to business. The 10 amendments are explained but the attention is more direct to the freedoms that the first amendment affirms, such as freedoms of religion, speech, and others. Chapter two emphasizes the ethic directly applied on business as well as the importance of it when making business decisions. The business ethics concept of “a consensus as to what constitutes right or wrong behavior in the world of business and the application of moral principles to situations that arise in a business setting’ is clearly used for all the following chapters, once the ethic is suppose to be constantly applied in business and legal decisions. Chapter three starts talking about judiciary’s role in American government and the difference between the state and federal court systems, then it ends up having a discussion about the adaptation of the courts to the online world. The creation of online forums as a way to solve diputes called my attention in the meaning that it was something unimaginary a couple years ago, and now-a-days, services such as the online dispute resolution, which is an assistance of organizations that offer dispute-resolution
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final assignment - Sofia Medeiros BUS 331 Dr Pressley...

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