CHAPTER 11 and 12

CHAPTER 11 and 12 - C HAPTER 11 1 What is meant by managing...

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CHAPTER 11 1. What is meant by managing diversity? Managing culturally diverse work force by recognizing characteristics common to specific groups of employees 2. What are some components of a diversify workforce? Gender, age, racial and ethnic minorities in US, immigrants, physically and mentally disable people, other 3. What percent of the workforce do women currently make up? 46% 4. What are some challenges facing women in the workforce? Low representation in top jobs, employers assumption that they will leave to have children, sexual harassment 5. What do some companies offer to attract top talent ? Own car, credit card to buy gas, expense account, vacation time, childcare, flexible work 6. What percent of CEOs are women within Fortune 500 companies? 12 out of 500 7. What are worker values shifting toward? Personal time, quality of life, family , self-fulfilling job 8. What is quid pro quo ? Submission to or rejection of sexual conduct is used as a basis for employment decisions 9. Describe hostile environment. Unwelcome sexual conduct has the purpose of effect with interfering with job performance or creating hostile work environment 10. Minorities and immigrants hold approximately what percent of jobs in the
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CHAPTER 11 and 12 - C HAPTER 11 1 What is meant by managing...

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