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final paper mgt - Sofia Medeiros BUS 311 Dr Hill Final...

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Sofia Medeiros BUS 311 Dr. Hill 11/29/09 Final paper When we first started the project, the idea to sell raffles didn’t make me happy. I am a shy person to ask people to buy raffle tickets. Also, my friends from school are most of times not willing to buy it and the professors I asked all said that they already had bought some. In addition, since I am foreign, my family, which I think that was a great hand for everyone to sell the raffles, was not here to help me. So I started thinking where would I sell it; first, I walked around the neighborhood knocking door by door asking people if they wanted to buy some; Alex, my roommate and classmate, came with me. Some people, even not buying any, received us really well, but some people sounded really impatient and didn’t receive us too well. But I had no other option, so I just kept trying. We continued with this for 3 days with little success; we sold about 20 raffles - 10 from me and 10 from Alex; thus, we needed another plan, so I went to Wal Mart twice to ask the person who is reponsible for it if we could sell it at the door. However, the two times I went there this person was not there, so we were forced once again to
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This note was uploaded on 02/25/2011 for the course BUS 331 taught by Professor Jeane during the Spring '11 term at Mt. Olive.

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final paper mgt - Sofia Medeiros BUS 311 Dr Hill Final...

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