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Sofia Medeiros Dr. Janvick Case study – week 2 1/12/10 Business Intelligence Question 1 Giving manufactures your point-of-sale data is, in essence, letting another organization see your strategic and sensitive sales information. Why is this beneficial and necessary within demand-signal management? Within demand-signal management, it is very important for the company to provide the strategic and sensitive sales information to the manufactures because, this way, the manufacturer can spot trends concerning what’s selling and what’s not, to either ramp up or slow down production, helping the retail to avoid empty shelves as well as expired products on it. It also helps the stores to identify “pahntom inventory” (inventories you think you have but actually does not exist because of theft, scanning erros, and so on). Crystall Ball Question 2 What if the Richmond police began to add demographic data to its predictive
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Unformatted text preview: analytics system to further attempt to determine the type of person (by demographic) who would in all likelihood commit a crime. Is predicting the type of person who would commit a crime by demographic data (ethnicity, gender, income level, and so on) good or bad? I think it is a good idea for the Richmond police to begin to use demographic data to its predictive analytics system, once it is definitely an important information that can help the police to picture future crimes; for example, by using the data that men are more likely to commit a crime than women, can help the system to predict the gender of the robbers. The only thing that must be highlighted on it is that the police cannot use this data to generate prejudice. Using ethnicity as example, the society must not discriminate certain ethnicity just because they are more likely to commit a crime....
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