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case week 4 - doctors and nurses with their passcodes can...

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Sofia Medeiros CIS 201 Dr. Janicki 1/25/10 Case study week 4: Page 219- Denver Heath Question 1 Privacy laws and regulations require medical facilities to take measurable steps to ensure the confidentiality of patient information. From this case study, can you tell what Denver Health has done to ensure the confidentiality of its patient information? To ensure the confidentiality of its patient information, Denver Health has adopted the ThinIdentity, which utilizes a thin cient in each patiente room. From that, all processing and information storage are maintained in Denver Health’s private cloud, which just the
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Unformatted text preview: doctors and nurses with their passcodes can have access to it. Page 251- Cautionary Tales of Indiscrete E-mails Question 1 If you were to give advice to someone who had just started using e-mal, or even someone whos been using e-mail for a while, what would you tell that person should be the one guiding principle in all their e-mail communications? Put your advice into one sentence. I would say: For your safety, do not open any attachment sent by people who you dont know or, even if you know the person, do not open it if you dont know what it is about....
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