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creating a questionnaire - What Questions Are You Going to...

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What Questions Are You Going to Pose? Conducting An Effective Ministerial Search Survey Prepared for the Unitarian Universalist Association By Dr. Paul Riedesel Composing a Written Questionnaire A questionnaire is a very special kind of document. While it might seem like any reasonable person could type out a bunch of questions, creating a good, user- friendly instrument is very much a craft. You cannot separate the composition of questions themselves from the physical formatting (word processing). We recommend that you compose the document in questionnaire format from the very first draft. The most user-friendly form is a "booklet" of 4 or 8 pages. That literally means printing on both sides of 11x17 paper and folding in the middle. Any commercial printer can do this, as can better office copiers. Single sheets in the middle (say for a 6-page survey) have a way of getting lost. There is no end to the rules-of-thumb and good habits used by professionals. Here are some of the major ones. • Use questions with fixed answer categories as much as possible . Insofar as your main goal is to provide summary tables, you will want to avoid the necessity of analyzing and coding open-ended remarks. On a printed questionnaire, the easiest thing for people to do is to check boxes. This is better practice than having them circle numbers. You need to figure out how to insert nice looking check boxes in whatever word processor you are using. • The answer categories must be exhaustive
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creating a questionnaire - What Questions Are You Going to...

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