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preparing interview questions - Preparing interview...

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Preparing interview questions Asking the right questions at the interview is the most obvious task that a Panel Member has to do. Its easy to think that asking questions is quite an easy process but experienced interviewers will tell you that there is a real art to phrasing questions to gain exactly the information you want. Listening to the answer is the less visible but equally important part of being a Panel Member. Objectives This section aims to make you think about the questions you are asking and the way you are phrasing them. It will encourage you to listen attentively to the applicant. By the end you will have had the opportunity to practice phrasing questions to get best answers out of your applicants. You will also spend some time considering the appropriateness of some questions and what it is and isn't OK to ask. This section covers the following: A - Question types with examples B - The questioning process C - Using fair questions D - Exercise: writing interview questions E - Listening to answers and concentrating on the candidate Question types Here's a reminder of various question types, with examples of each. Open Questions Open questions encourage the flow of information. Questions usually begin with words like, What, Why, When, Where, Tell me about, or How and encourage an expansive response. Interviewees will usually respond well to an open question. Example: ' What sort of work do you enjoy most'?' 'Tell me about the project you are currently involved in' Closed Questions Closed questions are direct and focused. Some think they should not be used as they
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preparing interview questions - Preparing interview...

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