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Unformatted text preview: CIS 281 – case study information (New Century Health) Organizational chart: N e w C e n t u r y H e a lt h C lin ic O f f ic e S t a f f A n it a D a v e n p o r t O ffic e M a n a g e r F re d B ro w n A c c o u n tin g S u s a n G iffo r d P a tie n t R e c o r d s T o m C a p a le tti In s u r a n c e P r o c e s s in g L is a S u n g A p p o in tm e n t s C a r la H e r r a r a S u p p lie s & A d m in is tr a tio n Business processes: Business Process Prepare office payroll Handle tax reporting Handle profit distribution Maintain patient records Handle insurance reporting Handle accounting Manage appointment book Make patient reminder calls Prepare daily appointment list Order office and clinic supplies Organize office and clinic supplies Person Responsible Fred Brown Fred Brown Fred Brown Susan Gifford Tom Capaletti Tom Capaletti Lisa Sung Lisa Sung Lisa Sung Carla Herrera Carla Herrera ...
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  • Spring '08
  • Given names, American television actors, 1972 births, Fred Brown Fred Brown Fred Brown Susan Gifford Tom Capaletti, Sung Lisa Sung

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