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CIS 281 – analysis activities Objective: To demonstrate understanding of the activities involved during the analysis through a teaching project Analysis involves defining, in great detail, what the information system is trying to accomplish to meet the needs of the organization. There are six activities related to this phase of the SDLC. They are complementary and are usually completed simultaneously. Please read the descriptions of these activities on pages 119-122 of your textbook and then choose one of the following projects to demonstrate your understanding of the material. (Note: doing all of the projects will not earn you extra points; just choose one.)
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Create a PowerPoint presentation that outlines what each of the six activities in the analysis phase includes and should accomplish. The audience for the presentation should be IT peers. Add voice to the presentation, if possible, for extra points. 2. Summarize each activity into a clear definition of its purpose and importance. The audience of the summarizations should be freshmen college students. 3. Create an exam to be used to test freshmen college students on their understanding of each activity. It can be an exam style (multiple choice, true/false, short answer, discussion, mixture) of your choice. Be sure to include your answers!...
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