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INTB 3351 History of Globalization Study Guide The Creation of the First Global Economy Readings: Jeffrey Frieden, Global Capitalism , 1-27 Daniel Litvin, “The Corruption of the Moguls: The English East India Company” (scanned) 1. What was mercantilism? How did it work? (Frieden, pp. 2-4) a. Was used to exploit colonial markets and strengthen royal dominance. It enriched the crown, which then used those riches to build military power . Foreign trade produces riches, riches power; power preserves our trade and religion. Under mercantilism, 2. What were the key factors behind the shift from mercantilism to free trade? (Frieden, pp. 2-6) 3. How did the price of goods that entered world trade change during 1873-1896? During 1896-1914? Why? (Frieden, pp. 8, 14) 4. In the United States, which groups were the most vocal critics of the gold standard? Why? (Frieden, p. 9) 5. Who were the “Populists” in the late-19 th century United States? What was their
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Unformatted text preview: primary political objective? (Frieden, p. 13-14) 2 6. What was the “Gold Standard” and how did it operate? (Frieden, pp. 6-7, 16-21) 7. During the late 19 th century, how did most countries insert themselves into the world economy? Did they diversify their economies or specialize? (Frieden, pp. 21-25) 8. What were the forces that drove the East India Company into greater involvement in Indian politics? (Litvin, pp. 18-24) 9. How and why did the East India Company embark on the conquest of the Indian subcontinent? (Litvin, pp. 24-28) 10. How was the East India Company’s power undermined, and how did it end? (Litvin, pp. 28-41) Terms (Identify by historical significance, time, and place) price-specie flow mechanism (Frieden, p. 18) Adam Smith, Wealth of Nations (Frieden, p. 22) “Cross of Gold” (Frieden, p. 14) Robert Clive (Litvin) “nabobs” (Litvin, p. 21)...
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