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The probability distribution of X is binomial because you have a set number of independent trails/observation and there can only be two outcomes one being successes and one being failures. In this instance the 28 sales would be successes and the other 72 calls would be failures out of the 100 calls. The number of trials, N=100 and the probability, P=0.2 since the employee had a 20% success rate in the 100 call shift. The random value X=28 because x equals the number of sales because X~ Binomial
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Unformatted text preview: (100, 0.20) The probability that the employee will make exactly 28 sales or successes is 1.4% during the 100-call shift. P (X=28) is .014 (100C28)*0.2^28*0.8^72 The probability that the employee will make less than 28 sales during the 100-call shift is 96.6%. P (X<28) = P (X<= 27) is .966 The probability that the employee will make 28 or more sales during the same shift is 3.4%. P (X > 28) is .034...
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