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AEM 4120 Homework Assignment #3 Reading Assignment (Chapter 3) Due date: Thursday, September 23 (at the beginning of class) Use Excel or any LP package (e.g., MPL or Lindo) for the problems that require solving the LP. The solution should include the values for the decision variables as well as the optimal objective function clearly specified.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. 3.4-10 (9 th ) 3.4.8 (8 th ) This problem is about Web Mercantile Only part A. 2. 3.4-15 (9 th ) 3.4-13 (8 th ) Problem is about a cargo plane. 3. 3.4.17 (9 th ) 3.4.15 (8 th ) This problem is about balancing the diet of day care preschoolers....
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