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HW6 - will treat it like any other variable(1 Problem 7-S-5...

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AEM 4120 Homework Assignment #6 Please read the supplementary chapter on goal programming in the course documents Due date: Thursday, November 18 (at the beginning of class) Remember that when a large “M” is needed to solve the problem, you must set the M. That is , MPL (or your favorite LP program) will not recognize “M” as a very large number and
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Unformatted text preview: will treat it like any other variable (1) Problem 7-S-5 from supplementary chapter (2) Problem 11.3.1 (8 th & 9 th editions) (3) Problem 11.3.4 (8 th & 9 th editions) (4) BONUS 11.4.9 (8 th & 9 th editions)...
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