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hist103 9.28.9- - Hsitory 103 9.28.9 Henry VIIIs great...

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Unformatted text preview: Hsitory 103 9.28.9 Henry VIIIs great matter-was the man who was caught between the potential change, and power of something-gives a marvelous way to see how decision making affects history. There would have been no British Empire, because of him .--what was his the view you got? The tudors was an abomination.-promiscuous, control freak, stubborn. Henry VIII took the throne at 18 yrs old, he was given a kingdom, -he took the job of the king very seriously, he was the standard bearer for the monarch.-he believed that he did the right thing everyday, had no regrets.-great matter- decision to put away Catherin of argaon, and mar ries annbolin, to do this he had to distant himself from the church of rome, and its this process that made England catapult itself to the development of the British Empire. I. The life of Henry VII I(ruled 1509-1547)- He had lots of wives, Catherine of aragon, anne boley, jane Seymour(gave a legitimate son, who is buried with him), almost wife 4, Christina of Denmark, Actual wife 4, henry didnt really like her, henry made her the sister, ann of cleves, wife 5, Catherine Howard-19 when she married henry, not a virgin, final wife-Catherine Parr, brought some stability during henries last years.---thats how we remember him-he wanted to be known for his cultural and intellectual gifts, he was a poet, a man of great faith.-The honor of military knight was really important to him(15min) A man of faith, with ideals of principles, many wives, a musician.-1491-1509-1547--Henry VII and Elizabet of York- He decides to put enmity away in English, and to get people together. They want air and heir? Henry VII and Elizabeth.-you dont want too many males in the royal family b/c civil war would break out. 2 male and females were ideal. Henry V I I was not the easiest of the fathers, didnt like henry 8, liked Tudor. All 7s focus was on Arthur Tudor, brother, he wanted him to be taught by humanistic teachers, he wanted 8 to become a pope.-Society was hierarchal and everyone had a place in it, and he didnt want to disrupt this structure, and that society could only function this way....
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hist103 9.28.9- - Hsitory 103 9.28.9 Henry VIIIs great...

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