hist103 9.30.9-Catholic reformation

hist103 9.30.9-Catholic reformation - Kristen, 1:45 to...

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Unformatted text preview: Kristen, 1:45 to 2:45pm W. SOS 171 Anything you quote must be cited. You need a Footnote, only Authors, there are different authors, cite from the documents. Catholic Reformation or Counter Reformation? What happens to luther after he goes back into wartberg? Fredrick the wise of Saxony.Roman catholic response is known as the Catholic reformation or counter reformation. It is an argument about what you think happened. How does the reform happen, from the inside or outside. Internally motivated catholic response for reform.(10 min) Catholic church deliberately trying to counteract luther and henry, luther sends out challenege, catholic church. I. Luther’s Shadow and the Crisis of Authority- Religion and politics were linked together , t he pope has his own territory, he is head of state, luther was seen as threatening the status quo politically, and religiously. He says that there is no such thing as a loyal opposition. 1. Charles V-decides to make martin luther an outlaw 2. Edict of worms(1521-made luther an outlaw, said that no one should buy, sell, or read lathers writings, and he -the spread of lathers message is the most dangerous.-charles is trying to control the press, and the people helping luther.-luther is very dangerous bc he has stood up to papal and imperial authority, and that this could lead to a revolution.-sure it’s headed towards the religious church, but what if luther goes against politics, Charles needs to act quick. Luther doesn’t see eye to eye with them. 3. Knights revolt-1522-one of his(Luthers) early followers franz, was one of the people who step forward to take luther in, but luther didn’t accept him, franz was looking for an excuse to go against the emperor. He felt like he had been done wrong, was a member of the traditional landed elite, and had seen his families fortunes nobles, decline.-he was seeing the merchants in the country becoming more rich.-he was a mercenary, he was made an outlaw in 1515, he wasn’t able to make money off his land.-he believed that luther’s message was political, was toward, the church, emperor.-luther didn’t like franz idea of taking this to a new level.-We are going to make change at the end of the Sword.-franz.-he is not alone in 1522, he want to squash, he gathers other nobles and attacks city of trier in 1522.-franz von sickingen-trier-was a rag tag city, they didn’t have many people to defend themselves, so they need to hhire someone below to fight franz, hired margrave.-margrave Philip of Hesse-was a follower of luther.-luther didn’t like that franz was using lathers reform ideas for political reasons.-marg runs them away.-conservatives had one, order was restored, city hadn’t followed ....
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hist103 9.30.9-Catholic reformation - Kristen, 1:45 to...

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